Funlink Service Agreement

Dear customers, before you download this application to use Funlink Services (the “Service”), please read the Funlink Services Agreement (this "Agreement", or this "SA"). This Agreement contains, among others, the terms and definitions of the Service, Service availability, compensation plan, and release of liabilities. Unless otherwise stipulated, this Agreement does not apply to instances and functions of closed beta testing of VPN gateway.

FunLink Service hereby reminds users to read the terms of this Agreement carefully (minors should be accompanied by a guardian) and you have the right to accept or not accept this Agreement. Unless you accept the terms of this Agreement, you have no right to download, install or use the Software and related Services. Your installation and use shall be deemed to be your acceptance of this Agreement and you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement. This Agreement describes FunLink's rights and obligations with respect to FunLink's licensed use and related aspects between FunLink and you. "User" or "You" means an individual or a single entity that is licensed to license Software products and numbers through the means provided by FunLink to obtain software licenses and number registrations.


I. Intellectual Property Notices

This software was developed by FunLink. Software of trademark, copyright and all intellectual property rights, and all of the information content associated with the software, including but not limited to: words and their combination, ICONS, figure act the role of interface design, layout, graphics, color, frame, relevant data, printing materials, or electronic document, etc are influenced by the copyright law and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property rights protection laws and regulations.


2. Software License

1. Users can install, use, display, and run the software on the computer (hereinafter referred to as the computer). (For the same account, online use and operation between multiple computers are not supported.)

2. All Rights Reserved: All other rights not expressly authorized shall remain with FunLink, and users shall obtain written consent from FunLink when using other rights.

3. This Agreement does not specify relevant terms of service for FunLink or other services of partners accessed by using the Software, except as expressly stipulated in this Agreement. There may be separate terms of

 service for these services, and users are requested to separately understand and confirm when using the relevant services. If the User uses the Service, it shall be deemed as the acceptance of the relevant service terms.


3. User Information

1. User shall register true, complete, and correct personal information. The true and complete user information will be used as the basis for FunLink to provide after-sales service and the premise for users to obtain legal protection.

2. If the user fails to fill in the true, complete, and correct personal information, the User shall bear all losses and liabilities arising therefrom, including but not limited to: account and password loss, account disputes with others, etc.


4. Terms of Use

1. The User shall guarantee that the information provided by the user when registering the FunLink software or using the services provided by the partner is true, complete, and correct.

2. FunLink Account Access:

(1) The ownership of the FunLink account access belongs to FunLink, and the user will have the right to use the account after completing the registration and application procedures.

(2) The right to use the FunLink account access belongs to the initial applicant only. In order to protect the security of user information and account, users are forbidden to borrow, share or rent or sell the account. If FunLink discovers that the user is not the origina registrant of the account, FunLink has the right to recover the account without any legal liability to the user.

(3) If there is a dispute between users over the ownership of the right to use the account, FunLink will make an independent judgment based on the initial personal registration data. If it is unable to judge that the true right belongs to the individual due to personal information defects (untrue, incomplete, etc.), FunLink has the right to recover the disputed account, and the relevant losses and liabilities shall be borne by users themselves.

(4) The User shall be responsible for the custody of the FunLink account access and password, and shall be fully responsible for all activities under the account and password.

(5) If the user does not use the account for a long time after registering the FunLink account access, FunLink has the right to reclaim the account to avoid the waste of resources.

3. As FunLink is the sole copyright owner of the software, it has the right to rent the software according to law, that is, to provide users with the right to use the software with a paid license. Users are not allowed to rent, sell and share (paid/free) FunLink services (including free experience services) directly or indirectly. FunLink will not provide any subsequent after-sales services for accounts with sharing behaviors and will restrict the use of accounts in serious cases. 

4. If users find system loopholes and program bugs, they shall timely report to FunLink customer service. If users seek improper benefits by taking advantage of system loopholes and program bugs, FunLink shall have the right to take measures against relevant accounts, including but not limited to clearing out improper profits and closing accounts.

5. Minors should learn to use the Internet correctly under the guidance of parents and teachers. Minors avoid being addicted to the virtual world of online games that affect their daily study and life.


5. User Prohibition and Liability

1. Users shall use the Software in accordance with this Agreement on the premise of complying with laws and this Agreement. Users shall not perform any of the following acts, including but not limited to:

(1) Delete all information and content about copyright on the software and other copies without authorization;

(2) Reverse engineering, reverse assembly and reverse compilation of the software without authorization;

(3) Unauthorized use, copy, modify, link, reprint, compile, publish, publish, establish mirror sites and develop derivative products, works and services related to the software with the help of the software.

(4) Use this software to publish, transmit, disseminate, and store contents that violate national laws, endanger national security, the reunification of the motherland and social stability, or any improper, insulting, defamatory, obscene, violent or any contents that violate national laws, regulations, and policies.

(5) Use the software to publish, transmit, disseminate, and store contents that infringe upon others' intellectual property rights, trade secret rights, and other legal rights.

(6) Use any material or information that contains images or photographs obtained by using the Software in a manner that infringes trademarks, Copyrights, patents, trade secrets or other proprietary rights of either party.

(7) Use the software to carry out any behaviour that endangers computer network security, including but not limited to: using unauthorized data or accessing unauthorized servers/accounts; Accessing a public computer network or another person's computer system without permission and deleting, modifying or adding stored information; Unauthorized attempts to explore, scan, test the software system or network weaknesses or other activities to undermine network security; Attempts to interfere with or destroy the normal operation of the software system or website, intentionally spread malicious programs or viruses, and other behaviors that disrupt normal network information services; The name or part of a TCP/IP packet is forged.2. Users shall abide by relevant laws and policies of the state, safeguard national interests, protect national security, and abide by this Agreement. Users shall be fully responsible for all liabilities caused by users' illegal or violating use of this Agreement, which has nothing to do with FunLink and its partners, resulting in losses to FunLink and its partners. FunLink and its partners have the right to demand compensation from users, to immediately stop providing services to them, to keep relevant records, and to cooperate with judicial authorities to

investigate legal liabilities.


6. Risk Disclosure

1. This software, like most Internet software, may be invaded by various security problems, such as the use of users' information by others, resulting in harassment in real life; Other software downloaded and installed contains Trojan horse and other viruses, threatening the user's computer information and data security, such as: network games cannot be normal, game account stolen or lost, and then affect the normal use of the software and so on. Users should strengthen information security and user data protection awareness, and pay attention to strengthening password protection, to avoid losses and harassment.

2. Any other software derived from the Software that is not developed and officially released by FunLink or authorized by FunLink shall be illegal. Downloading, installing, and using such software may lead to unpredictable risks, and FunLink shall have nothing to do with any legal liabilities and disputes arising therefrom. Users shall not easily download, install, or use such software, otherwise FunLink reserves the right to terminate the user account. Users can log in to FunLink only through the software provided by FunLink or other legal channels. FunLink has the right to terminate the user's use of the account if the user is not authorized by FunLink to develop, including but not limited to, illegal compatible software, programs, or other means that are not explicitly approved by FunLink.


7. Replacement; Modification; Upgrade of Software

FunLink reserves the right at any time to provide you with replacement, modification, or upgrade versions of the Software and to charge a fee for replacement, modification, or upgrade.


8. Value-added Services

FunLink and its partners will provide users with various value-added Internet services related to the software according to the development of the market and technology, including free and charged value-added services. FunLink and its partners reserve the right to charge fees for related value-added services and change the charging standard and method; If the relevant services are changed from free to paid services, FunLink and its partners will notify users in an appropriate form. Users can choose to accept or reject the paid services and guarantee that they will pay the fees according to FunLink and its partners' relevant charges when using the paid services. FunLink and its partners have the right to stop the service and recover the losses and compensation in accordance with the law.


9. Legal Liability and Disclaimer

1. The use of this software involves the Internet services, may be affected by each link instability, due to force majeure, computer virus, hacker attack, unstable system, the location of the user, the user shutdown as well as any other technology, network and communication lines to causes such as service interruptions or cannot meet the requirement of the user's risk, Users must understand and assume the above risks, and FunLink and its partners shall not assume any responsibility.

2. FunLink and its partners shall not be liable for the economic losses suffered by users due to the communication line failure, technical problems, network, computer failure, system instability, and other force majeure causes of the third party, such as the telecom department.

3. Third-party software or technology that may be used by the software is legally licensed. Any disputes arising from third-party software or technology shall be resolved by such a third party without any liability by FunLink. FunLink does not provide customer support for third-party software or technology. If you need support, please contact the software or technology provider.


10. Miscellaneous

1. FunLink application is a Network optimization service product provided by FunLink Network Pte Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "FunLink").

2. Invalidity of any provision of this Agreement in part or in whole shall not affect the validity of other provisions.

3. The interpretation, validity, and dispute settlement of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. In case of any dispute or dispute between User and FunLink, it shall first be settled through friendly negotiation. If negotiation fails, User hereby fully agrees to submit the dispute or dispute to the jurisdiction of the court where FunLink is located.

4. FunLink reserves all rights to interpret this Agreement